Controlling Your Legacy! 👋🏽

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To get started, we recommend you watch the video from a desktop computer. The video above will introduce you to Jala Eaton and why having an estate plan is critical to effectively transfer wealth.

Leaving a Legacy for your loved ones, without the need to go to probate court is crucial to protecting your legacy. The only way this is possible is if you understand the documents you need and you create an Estate Plan that carries out your wishes.

By the end of this webinar, you will learn:


  • The four documents that make up an estate plan.

  • Why internet do-it-yourself and bargain-priced estate plans almost always end up in probate court.

  • Why it is extremely important that your home be put into a living trust especially if it is worth more than $150,000.

  • How proper estate planning can keep your family from fighting and litigating for years after you're gone

  • How to create your own legally valid Will and why having  just a Will is not enough. 

  • Why everyone over the age of 18 needs to appoint a Power of Attorney



Jala Eaton is licensed to practice law in California and specializes in Estate Planning and contract law. Fueled by her passion to aid in closing the racial wealth gap, Jala earned her Certified Trust and Financial Advisor designation and founded On My Own Financial.  A business created to inform, educate and empower persons of color to manage and protect their assets through estate planning and financial literacy. Jala speaks to people of all ages about the importance of understanding money, investing, and estate planning. Jala recently wrote a book called Controlling Your Legacy. Prior to founding her company, her experience included working as a Trust Officer overseeing over one billion dollars at a Fortune 500 company. 

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