About On My Own Financial

On My Own Financial is a business created with you in mind. We educate and empower the business owners and families we work with. We are a virtual firm that specializes in convenience. Most appointments will be video conferences and everything can be booked and paid for online. There are a few clients we will make an exception for, if they would like an in-person meeting feel free to ask.  

The purpose of On My Own Financial is not to tell you what to do with your money. We have intentionally chosen not to be investment advisors. Therefore we do not sell or recommend investments. We are a financial education company. We offer financial education because we believe this is the best way to close the wealth gap.

Who Is Jala Eaton?

My work at On My Own Financial involves teaching people two concepts they do not learn in school or at home, Financial Education and Estate Planning. I love estate planning because it is the only way to ensure the transfer of generational wealth. As an estate planner and certified trust and financial advisor, I am in the perfect position to help you protect the assets you have worked hard for but I also can educate you on any red flags we come across while planning your estate.  Making great financial choices can be challenging so I go the extra mile to make sure you fully understand your entire financial picture. My passion is providing financial education to those who need it most. I believe with a higher financial IQ, you will be better able to tell good investments from bad investments, good advisors from bad advisors, and which investments are right for YOU.   My goal is to help you take the steps necessary to achieve your goals and ensure your assets are protected.

I’m an honest and positive professional fiduciary whose priority is always in the interest of my clients.  I’ve been serving my loyal estate planning clients in California and my financial literacy clients around the nation -

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Legal disclaimer: Jala Eaton is a California attorney. As such, her posts, courses, and post responses to posted inquiries, such as the ones above, are limited to her understanding of law in the jurisdiction in which she practices and not to any other jurisdiction. In addition, no response to any posted inquiry should be deemed to constitute legal, financial, or investment advice, nor to constitute the existence of an attorney/client or other contractual or fiduciary relationship. On My Own Financial and On My Own Academy is not an investment firm and does not offer investment advice. 

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