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Many people ask me, “Jala, have $xxx,000. What should I do with it?” My first response is, “What is your goal?” My reason for saying this is because if you do not know what to do with your money, there are many people who will try to steer you away from what you actually want to achieve.  And what they will tell you to do is turn your money over to them and let them invest it for you.


The problem with this is, you won't learn anything about investing if they do it for you and you will make less money because you are paying fees (nobody works for free). My second response is, “Are you willing to LEARN more about money and how to invest?” The reason I say this is because, once you learn about money, you will be better able to tell good investments from bad ones, and good investment advice from bad advice.


Most financial experts love to tell you what to do with your money. They will tell you exactly what to do and what you should invest in. And, generally, they make a commission or receive a fee for what they recommend you do with your money.

I instead, recommend you invest some time studying before you invest your money.

With that said, click the button below to sign up for the investing courses and start learning what you need to know today!

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