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  • Basics of Investing

    On My Own Academy
    Valid for one year
    • Courses that will show you the basics of investing
    • If you want to learn how to invest in the stock market and
    • build a diversified portfolio that could help you create
    • wealth you're in the right place to learn.
    • This course will give you the step by step information
    • you need to know to confidently build your investment
    • portfolio.
  • Advanced Investing

    On My Own Academy
    Valid for one year
    • Advanced Investing education will enhance your knowledge
    • All the courses from the basics are included in this course
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  • Blog Exclusives

    Every month
    Access to all the Wealth Tips
    • (Wealth) Get to Know Each Other
  • Wealth Bestfriend™️

    Every month
    • Initial (Wealth) Get to Know Each Other
    • 1-hour video/phone coaching
    • Personalized plan and recommendations
    • Unlimited Email Support
    • Action Steps List
    • 6-month minimum commitment
    • Exclusive Access to the OMOA Investing Course
  • Ask Me Anything

    Every month
    Perfect for financial DIY
    • (Wealth) Get to Know Each Other
  • Let's Get It Done

    Every month
    • (Wealth) Get to Know Each Other
    • The On My Own Financial Program ("Let's Get It Done")
    • This is for people that just need financial coaching to
    • focus on one area and are able to navigate it on on their
    • own after the coaching ends. It is strictly and intensely
    • on providing actionable steps to achieve your stated goals.
    • No distractions.