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I always love it when people share what apps and websites they use that help make them successful or at the least, their life easier. If you’re curious, it is a list of things that help me in life and business. 

But first, a disclaimer.

When you see a link, know that it’s my personal affiliate link. This means if you click on it, I’ll instantly receive millions of dollars. I wish! That’s me taking positive thinking a bit extreme.

In reality, if you click on the link and sign-up/order/do something, I will receive a small financial benefit depending on the link you use. The money I earn from your affiliate links helps me keep my website up and running so I can continue to bring you Investing courses and estate planning information and financial literacy tips—so if you click, thank you in advance. I’ve bolded the links that you can earn money by using my link.

I have not included anything that I don’t love on this list. 

Everything on here is something I either use for business or my day-to-day life.

Financial Planning Tools

Being able to see your big financial picture is super important. Think of this as a step in the right direction. Click here to access our free financial planning tools.


I don't even know where to start. It is very hard to get me to love something let alone purchase the pro version, but CANVA IS WORTH THE MONEY. ALL of the images on my Website and social media were created with Canva. They make me look like I am creative and I appreciate them for it. I have created beautiful resumes, videos, social media posts, ads, everything and they make it so easy to pick a template, change the colors and sizes and post! Click here to try Canva and see what you think. 


There are many things that I’m good at but spelling and grammar aren't it. I think GOD for spell check but sometimes that just doesn't cut it either so Grammarly steps in to save the day. Because of this, Grammarly is something I use ALL of the time. If I’m writing anything online, I’m using it. I have it attached to Google Chrome, and it helps me with my e-mails, IG posts and all the text on this website. I'm too frugal to buy the paid version id $12/mo but the free version has been amazing. 


Planoly helps me streamline my social media scheduling and it is the only official IG scheduler so it is well integrated and knows all the rules. Did you know having more than 30 hashtags will get you penalized by the algorithm or that you what your best times to post are? If not, Click here to start using Planoly today. 


Honeybook has been amazing to help get me organized. As a new entrepenuer my brain races at 150 miles a minute about all the things I have to do, should be doing and forgot to do. With honeybook I can write all that stuff down and keep my client workflows in order so that they have a seemless experience.  It will also remind me if I forget to work on something. Check it out here.



I use Zoom to meet with all my clients. They don't have to worry about getting to my office and they watch me share my screen to go over documents to make sure they understand all the details.   I use Zoom’s Basic plan which is free (I’m all about keeping costs free or cheap if you haven't noticed). So far, I haven’t needed to upgrade to their Pro Plan but clients like using Zoom because it’s easy and user-friendly (they also have an app). I would recommend this platform to anyone doing meetings online. Check it out here.


I recommend using Fidelity if you are new to investing or if you are frugal like me. The trades are commission-free and they have every type of account you could need as a new business owner and someone who wants to eventually retire.  (click here)


If you need a website I recommend using Wix. You can easily set up a free website within a few minutes. If you are looking for something more robust, they have that too. My whole website was built with Wix and I love it. I have member-only pages, it syncs with my e-mail address so I can send e-mails from my website, I can blog, and upload videos in no time. Wix also helped me with the design of my logo and gave me a template to use for my website. Use my link to sign up today (click here) the premium content is amazing. 

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