Generational Wealth

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

I define Generational Wealth as, "the knowledge, wisdom, assets, and/or money you amassed during your life that continues to impact the lives of several generations (changing their lives for the better) after you are gone."

I realize some cultures, like mine, seem to be in a never-ending cycle of starting from the beginning every generation and having to work our way up to wealth.

For others, so generational wealth looks and sounds like a family that has a trust fund that their great grandparents (or even farther beyond) set up that is still paying for their education or housing 50 years after it was created. Thus eliminating a huge financial burden.


Or it could look like a family who has owned the same land for over a 1000 years and the property continues to get passed down from generation to generation.

As African Americans/Black people, we have been subjected to having to walk away from our land to protect ourselves and the ones we love or forfeit our land due to unpaid taxes/debts.