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The Unique Path to Success: Exploring Your Personal Journey

Success is not a one-size-fits-all concept. It's a deeply personal journey, as unique as the individual pursuing it. Success isn't and shouldn’t be measured by how much money you make or how many accolades you receive but by the resilience shown in the face of challenges and the ability to remain true to yourself. It's about setting your own goals, following your path, and defining what fulfillment means to you.

My besties with student loans were going through it last week. They were literally in a frenzy, some feeling lost and confused about whether they needed to consolidate their loans if they had the type of loans that would be adjusted automatically, or some were just trying to find the will to open that loan dashboard and put together a plan of action to escape Sallie Mae.

My advice to you is to recognize that you are doing hard things, and every step you take toward your goal should be considered a success. Not just our ultimate end goal of being student loan-free. Because you know what? There will always be something else to fight or a mountain to climb. For example, Some of my besties are preparing for their second child, some are leaving long-term relationships, others are taking care of ailing family members, some are trying to find a reasonably priced apartment, and others are looking for jobs that can support their lifestyle and not destroy their mental health.

Imagine success as a mosaic composed of tons of different pieces that represent different aspects of your life. Some pieces might be professional achievements, while others could be personal milestones, like nurturing relationships, personal growth, or contributions to your community. Each piece is shaped by your values, dreams, and the essence of what brings you joy. Remember, what glitters in the light of societal standards isn’t guaranteed to bring you personal satisfaction and happiness. Remember, there are a lot of unhappy billionaires out there.

Personally, I know I’m growing because my anxiety isn’t kicking my butt for as long as it used to, and my confidence about the things I do is skyrocketing, and I’m learning to be more present. Sallie Mae, these bills, my house, and money aren’t gonna steal my joy. My success looks like showing up on Mondays to share my time with you and talk about money (@yourwealthbestfriend). My success looks like writing years of wealth tips emails and sending them out every Wednesday for free. (sign up at or Helping my besties, Helping my clients, doing speaking engagements, loving on my family, eating cuz that's where all my money goes, having my therapist read me for filth, being the rich auntie, and exercising, which I have fallen off the wagon but today is the day I said I would get back to it. When I think of life this way, I realize I am absolutely thriving. Whatever Sallie Mae, the job market, my house, any debts, and or society decide to do, I will navigate that when it comes.

person looking at a mountain while hiking

Challenges are not signs of failure but opportunities for growth, learning, and resilience. Embrace them with open arms and a willing heart. It’s about the quiet moments of clarity when you realize you’re closer to your goals than you were yesterday. It’s in the small, daily victories that we often overlook.

In the pursuit of your own success, remember to be kind to yourself. Celebrate your progress, no matter how small, and know that every step forward is a victory in its own right. Surround yourself with people who uplift and support you, but also be that source of encouragement for others. Success is not just about reaching a destination but about the journey and the person you become along the way. So, ask yourself, "What does my success look like?" Let your answer guide your steps, but be open to discovering new paths along the way.

Alright, bestie. That's it for this week. Don’t forget to like and share this post, join the wealth tips email list, or schedule a one-on-one appointment so we can talk about money.

Until next time!

✨Keep Living Your Healthy Wealthy Life,✨

Your Wealth Bestfriend®️


Jala Eaton, known as Your Wealth Bestfriend®, is a seasoned personal finance writer, attorney, and award-winning Certified Trust & Fiduciary Advisor (CTFA). When she is not running her businesses, teaching, or writing, she enjoys dance parties in the kitchen with her child. Her work has appeared on Business Insider, Experian, Real Simple, The Skimm, Yahoo News, and others.

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