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I have anxiety and I quit my job and started a business anyway🤷🏾‍♀️

As your Wealth Bestfriend, I'm always asked about my "entrepreneurial journey" and applauded for my bravery, well here is the real origin story.

Yes, On My Own Financial was a leap of faith for me. I didn't know anything about having my own business. I just felt called to EDUCATE, in a non-traditional way. Hence, the use of social media. (At the time I didn't know social media darn near requires a degree to use, it is COMPLEX when you use it for business purposes). I don't remember ever taking a marketing class or being very good at design and both are prerequisites for Instagram. But I'm here to remind you, if you work consistently at something you will get better and I did.

I'm on my own to figure EVERYTHING OUT.

Let's talk about the pressure... before I quit my job

For years what I didn't know it was anxiety that kept me from being the greatest version of myself. I loudly told myself I wasn't good enough (when I knew I was). Convinced myself, I wasn't ready because the perfectionist in me said I had more work to do and more to learn. I thought I could get by being quiet and submitting excellent work. This attitude led me to be undervalued and invisible to everyone around me, INCLUDING ME. I believed my anxious thoughts so no one was allowed to know what I was capable of. Not even me.

I know I'm not the only one who has ever felt this way. A lot of black women I speak with feel this way, that's why I made it one of my missions to speak directly to them in hopes they will feel seen.

It took being tired of being tired to break the habit of shrinking myself so I wouldn't stand out.

I was tired of going to work and not being heard and understood. Tired of the toxic culture that had no idea how to support an intelligent young black woman.

I decided I was better ON MY OWN and I devised a plan.

I would create a business using the skills I had worked hard for. My first degree is in communications so I knew how to create a website, shoot pictures and videos ✅. I was scrappy and becoming extremely frugal thanks to the deep urge to become financially free so when my job told me I was getting a raise and a bonus I decided to use the bonus to start the business. My second degree was a Juris doctor and I was licensed to practice law so I would proceed to help people like most attorneys set out to do before Sallie Mae got a hold of them😭.

I've always been in love with businesses, loved knowing how they work, understanding how they were formed and knowing they could survive longer than any one person if they were taken care of. I've always seen myself in charge of a large corporation... I happen to always been mistreated by the large corporations I worked for but I never stopped learning while there.

So given my background and experience, I would create a small hybrid financial/legal business (which later became two separate businesses - On My Own Financial AND The Law Office of J. Eaton ).

I have been in the financial industry (accidentally) for over 5 years and realized most corporations wanted to take advantage of those who didn't have much money (i.e. hidden FEES) and this ate away at the wealth they sought to build.

Not intending initially to intentionally disrupt 😇😈 the financial industry I set out to teach people what they didn't know was going to be their downfall because knowledge + action is truly power. I wasn't giving people the cliff notes I was giving them the full story plus bonuses.

I'm definitely not going to sugar coat this story. After I quit, I started my business as a stay-at-home mom (to save money) with about $2000 and one client. It was a slow tedious process (and it still is). But I look back and I wouldn't change it. In that short time, I have written books, several articles, become a Wealth Bestfriend to an AMAZING social media community, and have been featured in and on Business Insider, American Bankers Association, TheSkimm, Wealth Noir, CapWay, GirlTalkHQ, Rosie Network, We2Bomb, Systems Saved Me, Budget & Brunch Podcast, Think Big Podcast, The Lurk Lounge Podcast, just to name a few!

The weak moments... I have those daily.

There are always times when things get tough and quitting seems like an option, but I know that the work On My Own Financial is doing is here to stay and it is bigger than me so I don't quit.

The doubts and fears... yesterday I found myself overjoyed and crying hysterically because I just didn't feel like I was being helpful enough and the pressure got to me. 🤷🏾‍♀️

But when I think about my goals and legacy, I'm winning the race even when I'm walking. Even my old boss said I looked much happier than I was when I worked there. My businesses are still functioning almost three years later, I'm making bigger moves each day (finding the confidence I have been searching for my entire life) and I'm not in a toxic environment (meaning I'm constantly working with my anxiety and picking myself back up (therapy helps too) and learning to be a more positive person and sharing that energy with the world).

I tell myself, "You’ve got this, the people need to hear your voice." Breathe. Be in the moment and do what you need to do. This gives me focus and confidence. And to me, CONFIDENCE is so important.

BLACK WOMEN, WE NEED OUR CONFIDENCE! Hold on to it! It helps you remember who you are and blocks out those negative internal and external voices.


Are you planning your escape from your comfort zone anytime soon?

Think I acted too extreme, let me know. I'd love to hear your feedback! Leave me a comment below.

Jala Eaton, Esq, CTFA is ✨YOUR WEALTH BESTFRIEND✨ and among so many other important titles she is a fiduciary advisor on a mission to help people build and protect their wealth through investing and estate planning. Looking for a financial accountability partner? Schedule a virtual appointment today!


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