No Desire To Fit In....Really? Live Life On Your Terms

Last week during our Money Monday chat we talked about starting a business.

This week we’re talking about the On My Own Financial, LLC most “liked” post of the week on Instagram. The post said, “I have absolutely no desire to fit in.” So many people seem to identify with this post, and I personally want to know why you like this post and why did it speak to you because it’s definitely not easy to live with this mentality.

When you truly don’t care about what people think or say there’s freedom that comes with that. However, sometimes your mind can be your worst enemy. It’s hard not having a fancy car when everyone around you has one. It is hard battling your brain telling you people are judging you when really it could just be you judging yourself.

We have been programmed to be consumers, I mean I can’t wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday because that’s when I’m buying all my Christmas gifts but best believe I have a list and a budget.

It’s hard celebrating wins that very few understand, like a 50% savings rate (for those who don’t know this means at the end of the month you’re able to transfer 50% of what you make to your savings or investments). But there is a way train your mind and focus on you and your goals and accomplishments and tune out all the noise.

I just finished writing an article for Business Insider that was triggered by listening to Michelle Obamas podcast. During the podcast, she and President Obama discussed how her family was willing to sacrifice and move in with her great aunt to save money. This is also where she and President Obama lived for a while. Yet, most people in my generation think of moving in with friends and family as a failure. Some want to get out so bad that they are willing to take their money out of their retirement accounts which if invested properly should be earning at least 12% this year and use the money to buy a house which may appreciate 2 to 7% but will cost them so much more money (taxes, insurance, interest and other fees).