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Work on Your Wealth Plan #Giveaway

Tune into Money Monday @onmyownfinancial on Instagram for details

The business just hit a milestone on social media and I wanted to celebrate! 🎊

There are more people tuned into On My Own Financial and the knowledge we provide than ever before and I am humbled and appreciative of that.

Recently someone called me an influencer, And that just didn't sit right with me. I want to do the opposite of influencing I want to be an educator to my community I want to foster conversations I want to rise to the top with a group not just rise to the top by myself. I admit I have this perception that influencers don't necessarily believe in taking the stairs to success because some buy followers, some higher teams, some only post photos of themselves, and to me that's taking the elevator to success. I post information because that's what's most important and I genuinely hate being on camera. I'm different, and I'm learning to stand in this truth.

So to celebrate I'm giving away my favorite things with you, my community, in mind. It's a five-day challenge with five winners who get to pick from motivational books to a month of self care in the form of binge-watching tv or a tough endurance workout. All gifted from me to you.

The best part, during the 5 days of challenges, you start working on your wealth plan!

Fun and Educational! (you know me)

Because I'm just here as a guide while you walk on the path to achieving everything you want and more!

Since I blog so sporadically don't forget to sign up for wealth tips that I'll send straight to your inbox every few weeks. The sign up is at the bottom of every page on this site 😁.

Until Next Time!

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